Our mission is to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of families with children by providing guidance, education and assistance to prevent, treat and research diseases.

Presently we are run by a hardworking group of community leaders, health care professionals and volunteers. Our aim is to attract further supporters and friends all across Canada. We are constantly seeking new financial support from business leaders, medical expertise, guidance from health care specialists, and community involvement from local citizens and volunteers. Will you consider joining us?

You may help by:

Applying for a membership $25.00 (tax deductible).
Becoming a corporate sponsor/friend (tax deductible).
Volunteering a few hours of your time helping out in the Toronto area.
Informing other associates, colleagues, friends and family about the organization.

To our members and supporters we offer the following:

Ongoing information about our general and annual meetings, financial records, etc.

Invitations to upcoming seminars and lectures on health issues concerning children.
Updates on our current Canadian projects and current research.
Information on our goals, aims and hope for the future.

Once again we hope that you will contact us if you require further information.

We encourage you to join us in our humanitarian efforts as we work together to improve children’s health in Canada and abroad.

History of CCHR

CCHR was founded by Pro. Dr. Nikola Georgievski. He was a great humanitarian from Macedonia, born in Skopje on December 1922.
During his career he was the Director of the Institute of Health Protection in Macedonia, Minister of Health for Macedonia and Yugoslavia and president of Red Cross.
He also worked with United Nations for several years as a World Health Organization Representative for Third World countries.
He passed away in Toronto on February 2000.

CCHR continues to contribute scientifically in the well being of children, youth and their families. CCHR is dedicated to improving quality of life, by providing guidance, education and assistance to prevent, treat and research diseases here and abroad.

CCHR also organizes referrals and outreach activities, education awareness seminars and prepare parenting and health protection programs.

Throughout the City of Toronto, CCHR plays the vital role in helping those most vulnerable such as new immigrants and other families at risk.


Over the last number of years, CCHR raised funds from a variety of individuals and through a yearly Art Auction.